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Fort Knox Vaults and Safes


Mark's Quality Marine is Proud to be Wisconsin's ONLY Dealer of Fort Knox Vaults and Safes! 

We always have a Wide Selection of FORT KNOX products on display in our Showroom.

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FORT KNOX is the

"Most Trusted Name in

 Security" for Over 30 Years!

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Quality, Craftsmanship, and Beauty.

You will not find a more secure or

Classy way to store your Guns or


Many Options! Many Styles!



When only the very best will do, we offer the Legend.  No other manufacture offers a 1/4″ thick body combined with a stainless steel liner to maximize theft and breach security.  The 55 rack and pinion matching machined gears give the Legend Vault an exclusive opening system that only Fort Knox can provide.

These Vaults are Totally Customizable!

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Legend Vaults Steel Gauge Upgrades Stainless Steel Upgrades


Securing your possessions with a heavy 3/16″ bodied vault is just where the Titan Vault begins.  Adding the inner steel lining gives you a vault and provides superior protection on a level that only Fort Knox can provide.


Many Different Sizes and Interior

Configurations are Available.

Design Yours for 3, or 100 Guns!

Titan Vaults Select Your Size and Shelving


Even the top of the industry manufactures can only hope to manufacture the precision of the Guardian Vault.  The bolt pattern offers pryable protection far beyond what the others have to offer.  Add a few options to the Guardian Vault to create a personalized vault specifically for your needs.

Choose your Own Exterior Colors,

Trim, Exterior Finishes and

Interior Fabrics.

Guardian Vaults Lots of Trim Options Solid or Two-Tone Paint


With exacting details and precise manufacturing processes, the Protector Vault is what the rest of the industry wishes they could build.  The mysteries of vault construction are unveiled with the manufacturing details of the Reinforced Fire Door and all of the industry leading components of the Protector Vault.


           Large Selection of Handle Finishes

 and Lock Options.

Protector Vaults Select a Handle Finish Pick a Lock Style


Taking a Protector Vault and adding the durability of a thick Zolatone finish creates a practical vault designed for the rough shop type environment. Durability and practicality with the most sizes available only occurs in a Fort Knox Vault.

       The Industry's Leader

          in Fire Protection is

       Tested with 9 Sensors! 



Many Steel Gauge Upgrades are

available for Body, Door

and Inner Steel Liner.

Defender Vaults Inferno Shield Fire Protection Upgrade Body, Door or Liner


Fort Knox research shows that many Americans outgrow their home safe within just 2 years after purchase.  Itís because safes fill up faster than you think: an antique here, a collectible there.  Then top it off with the canít-throw-it-away paperwork, and youíre out of space.  If you can see this type of collection buildup happening to you, we recommend adding one of our Fort Knox vault doors to your existing storage room, building or concrete addition.  Or, design a new vault door for your upcoming dream home, so you can rest assured you are getting industry-leading protection with room to spare.


Fort Knox Inc. will replace any vault, free of charge, broken into by forced entry or damaged due to an unlawful attempt during the lifetime of the original purchaser.

We carry the Full Line of FORT KNOX Products and Accessories:

Maverick Series Safes

Pistol Boxes

Shotgun Boxes

Safe Drawers

Interior Lighting


Door Organizers, Holsters and Racks 

Vault Room Doors Build Your Own Level of Security!
Hand Crafting Gun Vaults and Safes in the USA Since 1982.

FORT KNOX VAULTS - You WON'T find Better for Security or Fire Protection.

You CAN'T find them Anywhere Else in Wisconsin!

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or Build Your Own Custom Vault.

Mark's Quality Marine, Wautoma, WI 

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