By: Mary- WI

“Donna, The crew you sent to install our pier was the best ever. I compliment your Mike as a professional “Pier Surgeon.” The teamwork and commitment to doing the job right was refreshing! The pier has never been so solid to walk on. They went the extra mile to retrieve longer bolts for the wing portion of the pier which made it solid and does not sway when walking on it. Mike made it a point to remove all the roots and debris under the footings on shore and inserted cement bases under the pier platform which made such a difference. Previously the pier was merely set on the ground which is wet and thereby the pier wiggled when walked on. Leveling the pier was another example of extra effort. Great job! Businesses always hear when things go wrong, but I want to provide a genuine compliment to the crew who installed our pier yesterday. It’s hard to find young people who will work and you have found a great bunch of guys who do good work. Hope to see them again in the Fall when it is time to remove the pier. Thank you. Mary Polivka”